Bay Dermatology Postcard

Bay Dermatology Homosassa Postcard_proof1_frontBay Dermatology Homosassa Postcard_proof1_back

Smart Jewelers Postcard Pack

This direct-mail piece contains 24 two-sided spot-gloss cards with metallic silver accents, inserted into a metallic envelope and mailed to over 10,000 customers. I designed and laid out all postcards using images supplied by the client, and oversaw print, production, and delivery of the final mailing piece. I collaborated with several high-end watch and jewelry brands to secure approval of the final product. The success of this piece resulted in customers bringing in cards to purchase featured items.


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Smart Jewelers laminated postcard

I designed and produced this laminated postcard with a personalized, perforated gift card in the upper left.


SciTech Microsoft direct response insert

I created this direct response insert for Microsoft for the SciTech catalog.


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